Plastic Scrap Needed! Let us show you how to increase revenue with a partner like Chesapeake.

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Generators, we can offer consistent purchasing with fair pricing and quick pay even on large volumes.

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Materials We Buy Ongoing Every Month

  • HDPE jugs/ bottles natural and color
  • HDPE buckets
  • HDPE pallets
  • HDPE crates
  • HDPE Post Consumer bales
  • HMW barrels
  • HMW pallets
  • HMW dunnage trays
  • HDPE films
  • PP buckets
  • PP pallets
  • PP parts ( all forms )
  • PP Films
  • LDPE films clear/ color/ printed
  • LDPE parts
  • PVC ridged and flex
  • PET bottles Post Indy and PC
  • PET purges
  • PET films
  • ABS all forms
  • Nylon all forms
  • Poly Carb all forms

Material We Can’t Find Enough Of This Month:

  • HDPE frac melt     HMW barrels

Turn-Key Environmental Management

With Chesapeake Materials you will eliminate the need for multiple service providers, brokers, and consultants.


Less Down Time

Chesapeake’s ability to supply large quantities of material means you won’t be stuck waiting for product before your next run.


Consistent Product

Don’t guess on the quality of your next shipment of materials. Chesapeake consistently provides quality materials so you can rest easy knowing you will be receiving excellent recycled materials.



Chesapeake Material uses a fleet of company drivers ranging from over the road drivers to local drivers. This allows us to offer unique services such as dropped trailers, same day service, and backhaul options from companies who are both customers and suppliers.

Building Partnerships in Recycling.

Improve The Planet (And Your Bottom Line) With Chesapeake Materials.

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