We are very excited to announce our NEW Mobile Optimized Website with our new URL at ChecapeakMaterials.net.

Located in Edgewater, Maryland, Chesapeake Materials is a full service supplier of plastic raw materials with broad and deep experience in reclaiming and the recycling of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste streams.  The company is focused on sustainability and assisting industrial clients and manufacturers with internal collection systems, transportation, tolling, reprocessing, and re-introduction of plastic waste back into their closed loop raw-material feed streams.

Chesapeake will help your organization achieve long-term waste reduction and cost savings by capturing plastics and other valuables from your current waste streams and helping to recognize other inefficiencies.

Chesapeake Materials partners with large and mid-sized manufacturers to manage their waste streams.  Our expertise in engineering and commodity grade resin pricing allows us to effectively identify waste reduction opportunities, reduce material sent to the landfills, and increase plant recycling efforts.  Our partners quickly benefit from cost savings resulting from waste reduction and new sources of revenue.

We look forward to making a difference in the recycling of plastic material industry and playing our part in helping to improve our environment.

Chesapeake Materials  | 163 Mitchells Chance Road, Suite 300, Edgewater, MD 21037  |  Phone: +1 (443) 219-3411  |  Fax: 888-501-2585

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