Manufacturing Partners

With Chesapeake Materials you will eliminate the need for multiple service providers, brokers, and consultants.


Chesapeake Materials specializes in sourcing, processing, and providing large volumes of recycled material to our manufacturers.  We help our partners forecast product availability, pricing and market conditions. Our representatives regularly visit manufacturing partners to make sure that we understand individual processes and that our products exceed what our partners expect and deserve.

The Results

+ Less down time

+ Consistent recycled product

+ More profitability for our business partners

Please inquire for all of your material needs from wide spec rail cars to single gaylords of regrind.

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Materials We Provide

  • HDPE crate repro 6 to 8 melt with .960 mixed color
  • HDPE frac melt repro .4 to .7 with .956 for black
  • HDPE Pallet regrind 5 plus melt
  • LDPE rolls with print
  • LDPE repro
  • PP Injection grade regrind MC for black 8 to 20 melt
  • PP repro made to spec from a frac melt up to a 50 melt
  • PP nonwovens
  • PET purge regrind clear and MC

“Zero Waste” Is More Than a Buzzword

It’s a source of competitive advantage

It results in:

  • + Reduced costs
  • + Increased profits
  • + Reduced environmental impacts
  • + Increased brand value
  • Plastics account for 10 percent of total global waste generation. 10% 10%
  • Currently, around 50 percent of plastics we use are thrown away just after a single use. 50% 50%
  • Recycling plastic takes 88 percent less energy than producing plastics from new raw materials. 88% 88%

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