Recycling & Compounding Partners

What We Do

Let Chesapeake Materials sales team help increase your revenue without all the overhead using the following strategies:

  • + We specialize in building ongoing supply chain programs with end users.
  • + We can help test materials and provide advice on how to best attain production or pricing goals.
  • + We understand cash flow and can offer quick pay to help fund our partner’s growth.
  • + We can finance machinery, large material purchases or other capital expenditures.
  • + We help our partners forecast product availability as well as market pricing and conditions.

Let Chesapeake Materials sales team help increase your revenue. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you grow.

Materials We Buy Ongoing Every Month

  • HDPE jugs/ bottles natural and color
  • HDPE buckets
  • HDPE pallets
  • HDPE crates
  • HDPE Post Consumer bales
  • HMW barrels
  • HMW pallets
  • HMW dunnage trays
  • HDPE films
  • PP buckets
  • PP pallets
  • PP parts ( all forms )
  • PP Films
  • LDPE films clear/ color/ printed
  • LDPE parts
  • PVC ridged and flex
  • PET bottles Post Indy and PC
  • PET purges
  • PET films
  • ABS all forms
  • Nylon all forms
  • Poly Carb all forms

Material We Can’t Find Enough Of This Month:

  • HDPE frac melt     HMW barrels

Turn-Key Environmental Management

With Chesapeake Materials you will eliminate the need for multiple service providers, brokers, and consultants

Move Towards Zero Waste

Reduce costs, increase the amount of waste that is recycled, and focus on an end result of zero waste.

The Current Path

The Needed Path

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